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Directory & Reference Page For SportsArt Treadmills
(Please note: Not all SportsArt products are available in every market.) Some models listed for reference purposes only.

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SportsArt 1000L

SportsArt 1000L Entry Level Treadmill
The SportsArt 1000L series give you the basics and much more. Using a 1.5 HP DC motor, the treadmill provides an 8.0 mph / 13 kph top speed. Simply & easy to use.

SportsArt 1020L
SportsArt 1020L Entry Level Folding Treadmill
This high performance treadmill features "get on and go" operation, with a powerful 1.5 HP motor, a speed range of 0.5 ~ 8.0 mph (0.8 ~ 13 kph) and fold up design for easy storage.

SportsArt 1050L
SportsArt 1050L Entry Level Folding Treadmill
Folds Up For Easy Storage!
This fantastic, high performance folding treadmill offers an easy to understand and use Electronics Package. The SportsArt 1050L is a winner and a great buy in an entry level folding treadmill.

SportsArt 1160
SportsArt 1160 Home Treadmill
If you're serious about keeping fit, this SportsArt 1160 is designed for you! When you're done working out, just fold it up and out of the way, and live your life!

SportsArt 1190

SportsArt 1190 Home Treadmill
Treadmill designed for beginners. The 1190 is ruggedly build and offers features typically found on entry-level treadmills like a more powerful cool running motor and heavy duty treadmill belt.

SportsArt 1200N

SportsArt 1200N Home Treadmill
The 207 lb. welded steel frame provides the feel of a much more expensive unit. The 4 ply belt is the same material found on SportsArt America's club treadmills.

SportsArt 1210
SportsArt 1210 Home Treadmill
The brand new 1210 treadmill features a powerful, PWM controlled 2.0 HP motor, 0.5 - 10 mph, electronically controlled Incline (0%-12%), 3 LED Windows, 5 programs, Two Heart Rate Control Programs
SportsArt 1250

SportsArt 1250 Home Treadmill
Powerful, PWM controlled 2.0 HP motor, 0.5 - 10 mph, electronically controlled Incline, 3 LED Windows, 5 programs, Shock Dissipation System (SDS) deck
This fantastic value includes a space saving fold up deck!

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